AcryPlex Premium Interior Paints

AcryPlex paints are a family of premium primers, flat and enamel finishes built to perform and provide luxurious finishes. Kelly-Moore’s best!

Formulated to resist spattering to help keep your tools and jobsite clean, applications will always flow smooth for great results. Great adhesion, even over aged alkyd enamels, the 100% acrylic sheens are formulated to resist blocking, so doors don’t stick.

AcryPlex is available in a variety of sheens – flat, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss to match your desired sheen and function. AcryPlex paints are available in white & standard off-white, returnable ready-mixed colors, and can be tinted to any custom color, including deep and accents.

AcryPlex 550 Flat  AcryPlex 1610 Eggshell  AcryPlex 1640 Satin  AcryPlex 1650 Semigloss    

550 AcryPlex
Interior Premium Flat Paint Learn More
Photo of 550 AcryPlex
1610 AcryPlex
Premium Interior Eggshell Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1610 AcryPlex
1640 AcryPlex
Premium Interior Satin Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1640 AcryPlex
1650 AcryPlex
Premium Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1650 AcryPlex


971 AcryPlex
PVA Low-Odor Primer/Sealer Learn More
Photo of 971 AcryPlex
973 AcryPlex
PVA Primer/Sealer & Undercoater Learn More
Photo of 973 AcryPlex